Wednesday, 7 August 2019

iNav CLI dumps

Here is a link to all my iNav CLI dump text files for various boards and models

Feel free to download them to try on your model.

Andrew's iNav CLI files

Below is the list of CLI Dumps included in the link

Board            Model

Sirius AIR3  Volantex Ranger 1600
F405-Wing   E-Sky Eagles
F405-Wing   Volantex Ranger 2000
F405-Wing   ZOHD Talon GT
F405-Wing   Volantex Trainstar Ascent
F405 Wing.  No Ailerons, 3 channel, board rotated 180ยบ
F411-Wing   ZOHD Dart XL
F411-WSE   C1 Chaser
F411-WSE   ZOHD Nano Talon Evo
F722-Wing   E-Sky Eagles
F722-Wing   Volantex Ranger G2
F722-WPX   Sonic Modell AR Wing Pro
F765-Wing   Bush Mule