Saturday, 9 November 2013

The beginning

When I started mucking around with RC gear on my kite lofted cameras they said it was inevitable, I'd soon be flying RC planes. I resisted for a while but they were right, so here we go.

I blame fellow kite aerial photographer Tom Benedict (Hawaii) and RC plane designer Ed (Experimental Airlines - Phoenix Arizona) for turning my head. I saw that Tom "followed" Ed on YouTube so had a look at Ed's channel and was instantly hooked. Ed developed a simple method for making RC planes using cheap foam board, packing tape and hot glue.

It's amazing seeing the beautiful airfoil wing shapes that are possible by simply folding the foam board over a former. Watch some of his videos and you will see what I mean.

Then Tom told me to have a look at Flite Test as well and I was double hooked. They review RC flight stuff in a very funny style. High production values and presentation style borrowing a bit from Myth Busters and maybe British Top Gear, very entertaining.

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