Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Versus DLG setup

This video shows my DLG mixes on the Turnigy 9X

I swapped the Trainer momentary switch (top right) with the Throttle Cut On-Off switch (top left) so I could use the momentary switch for launch mode with my left hand.

Launch - 2mm up elevator on momentary switch with 2mm reflex (up flaperon) on full up throttle stick
Speed mode - Zero flaperon ID0, throttle stick centred (wide central flat band)
Cruise mode - 2mm camber (down flaperon) on ID1
Thermal mode - 4mm camber on ID2
Landing - Full down flaperon on full down throttle stick mixed with some down elevator

I also use a wrist strap so I don't drop the transmitter while launching.


  1. Very nice setup on your rig. I've been trying to do similar with stock firmware, but gett8ng very frustrated. Hopefully, will be getting usbasp tomorrow to be able to flash mine to opentx. Would love to see the full details of your setup. Not so sure about the expo on the throttle stick though, may just do a full variable flap setup, with reflex at the top to full down at the bottom. Might consider a spring addon for the throttle to auto center. Nice video too, I checked anewton.com, but only a nice picture shows up.

    1. Thanks Bob, Open TX is magic, couldn't use any other software now.
      anewton.net has links to all my online photos, videos, sites etc.

  2. Hello Andrew...I am trying to setup flaperon for my first scratch built DLG... looks like I messed up on some mixes and the servos are glitchingerratically ... would you be able to guide me to a link with more info on restoring factory settings?

  3. ...after a LOT of experiments, finally decided to install opentx.thanks for the details.