Thursday, 23 January 2014

Le Fish aerobatics progress

A few more tweaks.

The new solid 3mm CF elevator axle / spar is working perfectly.

I removed 10g from the nose to move the CG back to 80mm giving much better inverted flight control. Decreased the "normal flight" elevator throw and increased expo for smoother flying. Full throw, about 60º, is still available via the momentary switch.

I tried moving the pushrod down one hole on the elevator control horn to get 90º throw for proper mad flips but the elevator would return fully inverted. Might need to move the control horn back from the pivot axis or try a pulley system.

The vertical stab and rudder CA hinges failed in a nasty upside down crash so I re-glued the join and used clear gaffer tape for the hinges.

Anyway I'm steadily ascending the aerobatics learning curve and having great fun in spectacular locations. Here's some video from 13th beach in a lovely 10kn breeze then some thrilling 20 to 30kn later in the day.

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