Monday, 13 October 2014

Red Sloper with added dihedral

Here's a demo video covering how I add dihedral to a depron Armin wing.
I show how to bend a 200mm length of ali tube to set the dihedral angle and hold the spars.

This video also shows my swappable motor mount for the Red Sloper and other construction tips.

Here's a slope soaring video showing how the dihedral makes the Red Sloper into a smooth and relaxing glider while slightly reducing the aerobatic capability.


  1. Hello Andrew, you used some bent aluminium tube to join two carbon tubes together to support dihedral wing... Can you remember what was the thickness of that aluminium tube?

    I have 6mm carbon tube and I am wondering if I can join them together with aluminium tube which have wall thickens only 0,4mm (7,0 x 6,2mm). What do you think?

    Thank you and happy flying :-)

    1. Hello. Mine is 10mm with 1mm wall thickness. Yours should work OK as long as the wing loading is not too high. My 1mm thick tube is stronger than needed.