Tuesday, 16 June 2015

SunnySky 2212 motors

The SunnySky X2212 KV980 motors finally arrived from Banggood. They went out of stock for a while, might have had something to do with reports of poor quality copies sneaking into Banggood's inventory. Apparently the supply problems have been resolved now.

Mine seem to be genuine and do perform beautifully. They are smooth and efficient, giving about 50% longer flight times than the DT750 motors.

The Emax 10x4.5" props also from Banggood work well with this setup.

I used rcexplorer's motor mount discs for a really neat and strong fit, and reverted to a Turnigy 380MG analogue servo for the tail tilt. I wrecked the Blue Bird digital servo somehow but the 380MG fits straight into the tilt mechanism and still seems to work well.

I also built another battery / camera tray which puts the GoPro further forward to clear the props from the picture. It also holds the FPV camera.

The tricopter is now working well and I feel like I can use it as a camera platform with confidence.....once I learn how to fly properly.

Here is my first commissioned shoot for World Wide Knit in Public Day. Virginia wanted some photos to post on the Rowan Yarns Facebook page. Payment.....a cuddle and a kiss.

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