Saturday, 31 October 2015

1.1m Fokker Dr 1 triplane

Two wings on the Tigermoth worked so well I had to take the next step...three wings.

The most famous triplane is the Red Baron's Fokker Dr1.

My wings are stiff enough not to need inter plane struts so I decided to stick to the familiar rubber band mounts. That meant I had to come up with a method for creating a rigid mount for the top wing. I recorded detailed build videos along the way.

Top Wing - Top 1.1m, iron-on laminate and packing tape. 0.5 x 3mm CF spars
Middle and lower wings - 950mm and 900mm. packing tape. 0.5 x 3mm CF spars
Airfoil - 170mm Clark y
Fuselage - 6mm depron, 3mm ply nose, packing tape.

Motor - Hextronic DT750
Prop - 11 x 5.5"
ESC - 40A Plush
Servos - HXT900 x 4
Flying weight - 1700g with 3000mAh 4S (3S works OK in calm weather)
FrSky X8R receiver with 40A current sensor

Flight time - 15min slow cruising uses 2000mAh

XPS foam Wing cutting and covering

Depron Fuselage

Wing mounting

Electronics and final fitout

Maiden flight

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