Sunday, 23 June 2019

Sky Hawk V2 Mods

This excellent 960mm wingspan A-Tail can be set up as a twin motor or a single pusher.

I really like it's size and adaptability, small enough for easy handling, but has heaps of internal space for big batteries and flight control boards. Very similar size and performance to the Talon GT

However there are a few things that can be improved.
It's a bit lacking in yaw stability, which basically means it wiggles in any wind, mainly due to the A-Tail being too small. I have added more tail area using 6mm depron which has reduced the wiggle.

The battery bay cover is flat, meaning thicker batteries will not fit. I'm using a 3000 4S which just fits, but a domed cover would allow room for Li-Ion bundles.

For the moment, to create more battery space I have cut off the nose tab and made a tape hinge for the cover

The twin motor set up is very cool and makes for a very fast plane with a sweet twin motor sound, but it's less efficient than a single pusher setup. I changed to a single 2212 980kV SunnySky motor with a 9 x 6" prop running on 3000mAH 4S. It cruises at under 4A and has heaps of extra power for fast fun. Suprisingly the weight dropped by 10g changing from twins on a 2200mAH 3S to single pusher on a 3000 mAH 4S.

I have also sliced off the boxy FPV camera mount under the nose for less drag and to reduce grass and mud entering the nose.

Flying weight - 700g without FPV and FCB
850g with all the gear.

Banggood - Sky Hawk V2 PNP / KIT 

Single motor maiden

I'm adding a Matek F411 Wing flight control board running iNav 2.1 (June 2019) with a Runcam Eagle camera and Eachine 5.8GHz 200mW VTx.

Strange behavior and crash video

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