Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Sky Hawk V2 Twin Fin Tail

I'm not convinced about the value of V and A tail configurations. They may serve practical purposes but seem to reduce yaw stability, and even pitch stability in turbulent wind.

So to try and improve the performance of the Sky Hawk I changed to a twin fin configuration.

Once I sorted out a twitchy elevator servo the results were very good.

Twin fins dimensions
150mm high
200mm long
50mm top

The forward extensions add strength and may help to organise the flow across the horizontal stabiliser.

Horizontal stabiliser is made from the old A-Tail halves, just cut off and glued together flat, with 20mm x 6mm depron added to the leading edge for extra area.

The wing foam flexes a bit around the boom mounts (shown by the icy pole sticks) so I may add some stiffening there

Flights with the new twin tail mod

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