Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Speedy Sloper tweaks

In really strong winds, like 25kn, it was obvious that the single boom V-tail design was still too flexy. So here's the next version.

I doubled the tail boom and changed to a conventional cross tail. At this stage I have no rudder, which works fine for speed runs. If I wanted more aerobatic performance from this glider a rudder would be essential.

I've added balsa fillets at the tail join for a bit more strength.

It's all much stiffer and is working well. So far I have only flown in a 15kn breeze, can't wait for a decent blow.


  1. Hello
    I hope you're somehow better.
    I follow your work and I am very pleased
    I congratulate you got a really good work
    I have a problem I can not open my downloaded plans can you help me about it

  2. can you pls let me know the tail sizes, rudder and elevator

  3. Can you pls give me the size of tail now, rudder and elevator. i have been using the v-tail of your previous tail.

  4. Hi Andrew, this is what I built and I took rudder elevator from a previous pusher plane of yours in an ealier post