Sunday, 27 March 2016

First RC plane and RC gear recommendation

3 channel crash resistant pusher style motor glider

Turnigy i6 transmitter and receiver (about A$70) -  HobbyKing link

2 x 1300mAH Lipo batteries (about A$11 each) -  HobbyKing link

Turnigy B6 Pro pocket charger or similar (about A$30) - HobbyKing link

NOTE: Most chargers do not come with a power supply. Need to connect to car battery, or use a 12V DC power pack, like a printer or laptop wall charger.

Overview video

Dimension for the new cross tail and shortened tail boom (mm)


  1. Hi Andrew - recently go one of these for a newbie and they fly beautifully and are totally indestructible. Not a pusher put the motor is up on a stick which is almost as good.

    They are as crash resistant as the other planes in the series.

    1. Thanks for the link Stephen, they do look slow and tough.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Can you please provide a quick explanation video on how you constructed the tail and attached it to the CF boom?
    Will this bird also fly OK with ailerons?

    1. Yes I will do a video for the tail soon. And yes it will work nicely with ailerons