Saturday 9 August 2014

Mobius anti-vibration mount

Here's a quick, cheap and easy vibration-damping camera mount using 2 cable ties and an ID card. It only takes a few minutes to make and greatly reduces those annoying jelly waves often seen in onboard video.

Tools needed are an office hole punch, scissors, side cutters and a marker pen. Materials needed are two small rubber bands, an ID card and two 4mm x 200mm cable ties.

Cut the card in half and punch 4 holes in each roughly 1cm in from the edges.

Double wrap the rubber bands on one card towards the middle from the holes.

Thread through the cable ties to form the springs. Start underneath and thread up out and around the card edges, then back through the bottom card into the middle. Continue on threading in and out the holes till you come back to the start. 

Adjust the size of the loops until the top deck is level or possibly tilted forward a little.

Clip off the excess and it's done.

You still need to balance your props but this mount takes care of the vibrations that you can't fix.

Velcro on the bottom is a good way to attach the mount to a plane or even electrical tape for temporary positioning.

Here is the full build in real time - about 4 minutes.

This video shows the comparison of with and without the anti-vibe mount.