Tuesday 18 December 2018

3mm depron thermal glider

Now called the N3UTRON thanks to YouTuber Richard from 28th St. Air Land & Sea.
"why not go all the way? it’s the N3UTRON. its a subtle reference to Ed’s photon, the u glider 3 channel, and andrew’s last name"

Here are the dimension of a 3 channel motor glider made using 3mm and 6mm depron and a woven CF
arrow shaft.

Armin wing construction with 6 x 1mm CF strip spar.
HobbyKing contact glue and hot glue.
Document laminating film wing and tail covering. Scotch Tough tape fuselage covering.
Flying weight is 300g with a 950mAH 2S LiPo
Motor and 5 x 3" prop from the U-Glider
Spring / Pull control
2 x 13g metal geared servos
Wingspan 140cm.
Chord width 14cm.
Chord thickness 14mm

Build overview video

Flight video

Spring / Pull control example

Document laminate covering