Sunday 20 September 2015

New DLG - Hobby King 1.5m V2

My much loved Versus DLG has been crashed and repaired many times and is looking a bit rough now. But it was a great intro to DLGs. Hobby King's big sale came along at just the right time. The updated Versus, now called the V2, dropped from A$450 to $280, couldn't resist that price.

The V2 has a disser construction wing, crossed CF ribbon reinforcing, and a kevlar pod but otherwise is identical to the Versus.

I bought the Plug N Fly version which is OK, but might have been wiser to get the ARF version and add my own servos.

Here are my detailed build videos showing strengthening and control mods.
After a few weeks the V2 is going well, feels like a better Versus. I wouldn't pay full price for it because there are many better alternatives available, but for the sale price it is excellent.