Sunday 2 August 2015

Balsa / fibreglass tails

Ages ago I came across this article by John Gallagher on wax paper bagging DLG tail surfaces, and ever since I have wanted to give it a go.

I'm working on a Fusion style pod and boom sloper designed by Leadfeather on RCGroups and thought bagged balsa tails would suit. My foam elevator is proving to be a bit delicate for repeated rough landings.

2.5mm x 75mm balsa sheet. Elevator will be 100mm wide so an extra strip needs to be glued on. 
I'd probably use thinner balsa for DLG tails or sand down the 2.5mm. 
Later I realised 100mm wide balsa is also sold at Bunnings.

Landing Gear

Here's how I make landing gear using 2mm piano wire for the axle 
and 20 x 1.5mm aluminium flat for the struts. 
Wheels are pool noodle foam glued to bottle caps.

Piano wire axle has a bend on one end