Friday 3 July 2020

Invalid lines in OpenTX Telemetry log files

This message is very irritating when you're wanting to view a telemetry log file in OpenTX Companion.

Fortunately the fix is not too difficult.
The problem most likely is that the log file contains a column of values that are not relevant for your chosen radio.

For example, with my Taranis X9 Lite and Archer M+ receiver connected to a Matek F405 Wing board and all telemetry being logged, the file includes a column of nonsense values for SF. However there is no switch F on the X9-Lite.

OpenTX log files are in csv format, or comma separated values, and can be opened in any spreadsheet
program such as Excel in Windows or Numbers in Mac OS.

Open the log file in a spreadsheet program and look for the offending column and delete it. 

Then resave or export the file as CSV again.

Then the log file should open correctly using OpenTX Companion, and you should be able to display the GPS track in Google Earth.

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