Friday 26 January 2018

Aomway Commander V1 Head tracker module

The Aomway Commander V1 FPV goggles have the option of adding a head tracker module. This means you can pan and tilt an FPV camera by moving your head around.  The head tracker module sends the head movement signals to the Taranis radio via a cable connecting the goggles to the Taranis trainer port. Then the Taranis transmits the signals to the reciever on channels 7 and 8 as TR7 and TR8, trainer inputs.
The Commander V1 Advanced version comes with the head tracker installed. I have the non advanced version so needed to buy and install the module myself.

I purchased it direct from Aomway and it came with the trainer cable, ribbon cable, mounting screws and spare push buttons. They don't actually have an online shop but send an email to "Sales" to enquire about purchasing.
I also bought a replacement DVR ribbon cable to replace the cable I had previously damaged. They are quite delicate and you must be very careful not to jam the cables when reassembling the case.

Fitting the headtracker module

One screw in the nose area allows the face plate to be unclipped. Two screw underneath hold the case together. 

Open carefully and don't over stress the ribbon cables.

There is only one spare port for the headtracker to plug in - right side, middle port, and only one way it will fit on to the mounting posts. 

I removed the top cable for better access while fitting the module. 

DVR ribbon cable replacement

Here is my damaged DVR cable. 
It was jammed between components during reassembly after I opened the goggles for a peak inside.

Push the grey clamping bar to the left to release the cable

VERY carefully reassemble the goggles making sure no cables are caught between components. The DVR cable can get in the way of the SD card slot.

Video version with the head tracker working