Saturday 3 October 2015

1.2m Tigermoth

I have never been much interested in scale model planes apart from the Tigermoth biplane. Tigermoth World is nearby and for my 40th Virginia and I went for aerobatic joy flights...great fun.

I already had enough practice hot wire cut wings laying around for the build so I decided to have a go. I gathered scale measurements from tiger moth photos and made the adjustments needed for a 1.2m wingspan model.

The fuselage is 6mm depron covered with yellow packing tape to mimic the plane I flew in. I added 3mm ply under the nose to take landing impacts and a 5mm ply motor mounting firewall.

The motor is a Hextronic DT750 which had plenty of thrust, especially with a 4S battery. Prop is 11 x 5.5", ESC 40A Plush. 3000 mAH 3S or 4S Lipo gives 20+ minutes of cruising.

Here are build and flight videos of this great looking vintage biplane. It flies just like the real thing, slow and steady with just enough aerobatic capability.


  1. Do you happen to have the plan available for public to download it? Would like to try this plane.

    1. I didn't use a plan really. Just did a goggle search for a three view plan and photos. Started with wingspan of 1.2m and scaled everything from that