Sunday 2 October 2016

Evolution of the X UAV One sloper

This is the story of my awesome X UAV One 1800mm wingspan V-Tail sloper. 
It was designed to be a pusher FPV cruiser with a unique prop drive mechanism that encircles the boom. However the boom prop gear box was way to noisy and caused vibrations. Bad for stealthy flying and onboard video.

This kit was sent to me by BANGGOOD for review.

While waiting for the motor to arrive I decided to try it as a sloper.
Actually I always intended to reconfigure it for sloping once the review was done.

The poorly designed gearbox really became apparent during my motor maiden flight.

Once that was out of the way it was time to try a tractor motor setup. 
Not so good for FPV with the prop in front of the camera, but a much better flight experience.

And finally as a pure sloper with slimmed down fuselage and longer nose, 
made from coreplast, hot glue and gaffer tape.

It is now a brilliant sloper that works in light wind, less than 10kn here, and will ballast up nicely for strong winds.

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