Saturday 18 March 2017

DIY Wing incidence meter

Here is my simple home made wing incidence meter. Used to determine the correct mounting angle for wings.

There is much debate about the correct angle of incidence required for efficient flight but a good starting point is to have the horizontal stabiliser and wing both at zero angle, then adjustments can be made after flight tests.

A4 sized plans - download and print for your own use.

Video explaining how to use the Newton Incidence meter
(You can buy a proper one made by Robart)


  1. Thank you. I've made similar tool when building my HK V2 dlg. Btw your videos was of great help at that time. Thank you again and keep good work.

  2. Hi Andrew: I take it the measurement you make is by judging (measuring) how far off centre the bubble is, yes? And you'd check that measurement by reversing the incidence meter and seeing if the two measures are the same?