Thursday 16 January 2020

Full House Glider OpenTX

Here is a full house setup for my Phoenix 2000, Taranis QX7, OpenTX 2.2.4 2019-07-12

Full span and normal ailerons
Crow braking with Elevator compensation
Full span camber adjustment

Ch1 Aileron Left
Ch2 Aileron Right
Ch3 Throttle
Ch4 Elelvator
Ch5 Rudder
Ch6 Flap Left
Ch7 Flap Right

Note that I have modded my Taranis QX7 to use the S1 knob as a left side slider, and swapped the momentary switch to the left side.

> S1 operates Flaps down to the middle indent, then Crow braking from the middle to full down.
> Elevator compensation is set at zero weight and should be adjusted as required (My P2K pitches up with Crow activated so I needed -15% weight)
> SC up gives normal ailerons, then "not up" activates full span ailerons (and increased adverse yaw)
> SB adds full span camber in two steps
> SF up is the throttle cut

OTX model file here -

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