Friday 13 February 2015

FrSKY Taranis and OPENTX 2.0

This is the FrSKY X9D TARANIS plus

It's a 16 channel transmitter that uses OpenTX open-source firmware. It has telemetry, sound, haptic (vibration) feedback and lua scripting capability. Telemetry logs are recorded on a micro SD card when activated.

For about A$250 this is a stunning transmitter. It must be one of the most programmable and adaptable transmitters currently available.

All the parts are easily replaceable and readily available from places like Banggood, Hobby King International and BoltRC in Australia.

There are no in-depth manuals for the Taranis or openTX but there are lots of online resources like OpenTX University, YouTube, and RCGroups.

I thought it would be a good idea to record the tweaks, mods and programming revelations as I progress. Mostly so that I don't forget them but also to share with like minded RC pilots.

Replacing the LCD

I cracked the LCD screen by dropping the Taranis onto a hard floor. It was in a backpack at the time but not a padded one. The Taranis still worked fine but not the screen. This video shows how to replace the screen. Very easy, no soldering, plug and play. New LCD bought from BoltRC in Perth for A$33 plus postage. Note that this video is for the Taranis plus. The original Taranis uses a different LCD. Some websites say that fine soldering is required but that refers to the backlight not the LCD.

Switching the switches

For DLG launching I like a momentary switch on the top left of the transmitter. Launch mode requires a brief blip of "up elevator" to rotate the DLG skywards, but my right hand is launching the glider, hence the need for a momentary switch on the left. 

As supplied the Taranis has a momentary switch on the top right and a 2 position switch on the top left.  Swapping them could not be easier. Both switches have their leads plugged. So you just need to open the back of the transmitter, unplug the leads from the switches, undo the retaining nuts and swap the SF and SH switches. Plug back in, replace the back and it's done.


  1. Hi Andrew - did you upgrade your Taranis to the real OpenTX so you can program it with OpenTXCompanion?