Saturday 28 February 2015

FrSKY Variometer sensor

This is a barometric pressure sensor which provides telemetry for vertical speed changes and altitude. These values are very useful for RC glider pilots looking for thermal lift. Cost about A$33 (Feb 2015)

The telemetry can be presented in a few different ways.

1. As beeps of varying pitch to indicate whether the glider is rising or sinking. Higher pitch beeps for rising or lift and lower pitch beeps when it's sinking.

2. As spoken altitude values. My preferred method.

3. As on-screen numbers. Not so good because you have to look away from the glider to see the screen.

4. As an altitude graph in OpenTX companion on your computer. (If SD card logging is enabled on the Taranis)

This video explains how to connect and setup the vario with a Taranis Plus running OpenTX 2.0, and with OpenTX companion on an iMac.

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