Thursday 10 August 2023

CC2500 Multi-protocol list

Some of the smaller RadioMaster multi-protocol transmitters are only available with the CC2500 RF chip and not the full 4-in-1 RF chip.

This is fine if you use FrSKY receivers, but you will need a 4-in-1 radio for FlySKY and Spectrum receivers, and all the odd RTF model protocols like V761 etc .

Of course you can add a 4-in-1 external RF module to a CC2500 or ELRS radio for full multi-protocol compatibility

CC2500 RF chip supported protocols 

FrSKY (but not ACCESS, TD or Twin)

S-FHSS (Futaba)


Graupner HoTT 


Full list on GITHUB

4-in-1 RF chip 

Includes all the CC2500 protocols and many more, like Flysky (but not ANT) and Spektrum DSMX

Visit the Multi protocol page for the full list

ELRS 2.4 RF chip

Only compatible with ELRS 2.4 CRSF protocol receivers

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