Saturday 23 March 2024

Taranis Q X7 Buddy Box Setup

How to connect two FrSKY TaranisQ X7 radios for shared Instructor and Student control

The Instructor and Student radios are connected via the DSC sockets using a 3.5mm stereo audio cable (TRS style) 

Link to 3.5mm TRS cable

Note that RadioMaster radios require different cables. 3.5mm TRRS (Smart phone style) for "Old" radio and TS for "New" radios. Link to RadioMaster Trainer Cable information

FrSKY TaranisQ X7 trainer setup

Instructor radio (Master)

In the Model Setup page - Set Trainer Mode to Master/Jack

Mixer page (Adjust weights and expo as required. Best to be the same as in the Student radio)

Ch1 100 Ail E30

Ch2 100 Ele E30

Ch3 100 Thr

Ch4 100 Rud

In Special Functions page - Select a switch, Select TRAINER and STICKS and tick box

Bind Instructor radio to the receiver

In Radio Setup  > TRAINER page

Ail := 100 CH1

Ele := 100 CH2

Thr := 100 CH3

Rud := 100 CH4

Student Radio (Slave)

In the Model Setup page

Turn the Internal RF module OFF

Set Trainer to Slave/Jack

Ch Range 1 to 8 (just has to be more than 4)

Mixer Page (Adjust weights and expo as required)

Ch1 100 Ail E30

Ch2 100 Ele E30

Ch3 100 Thr

Ch4 100 Rud

Check direction of throws on both radios and adjust or invert channels as required

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